The Arlington is in the "Zone"

Posted Oct 14, 2022

The popular 2023 Netflix documentary series "Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones" has introduced millions of viewers to "Blue Zones," places in the world – such as Okinawa,…

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Naples Named "One of the Best Places to Move in the U.S." by Travel and Leisure

Posted Aug 25, 2022 in In the News

Travel & Leisure magazine just named Naples one of the country’s best places in live: White sand beaches, unmatched recreation, vibrant downtown, lively arts scene, relaxed lifestyle, and lots…

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Why I Love The Arlington

Posted Aug 23, 2022 in Resident Perspectives

Think all luxury retirement communities are pretty much the same? Then you haven’t met Arlington resident Mike D. Living here has made a real difference in his life, and he’d…

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